About Me

About Me

Success in life is determined in large, by your ability to communicate. You can be the best at what you do, but if you’re not talking effectively with others (clients, peers, and staff), you’re missing opportunities. There are many ways to look at communication in the small or large worlds we live in. Body language, individual consideration, historical relationship and personal barriers affect your ability to speak to different contexts whether one on one, client or employee relations. This where I come into the picture as your Master Communicator. My goal is to help you master the various communications skills that help ensure success at every level.

So, who am I?

My name is Marshall T. “MT” Fields, and professionally, I am a master communicator with a strong desire to see everyone succeed. On the human level, I am merely someone with a big heart, naturally soft spoken, and people-oriented.

Business-wise, I am an entrepreneur who operates www.mtfields.com, a company whose mission is to empower everyone through:

  • Improving our perceptions of ourselves
  • Improving how we perceive others
  • Improve our ability to communicate for mutually positive outcomes

As a professional who believes that you can change your world by changing how you talk to it, I have come to realize there is ample room for improvement in how we communicate with one another. Whether you are an agency or association – if you desire to improve how you or people in your organization communicate, I have a solution for you. The process I employ combines simple discussions to allow self-realization, infused with real-life exercises and examples that help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

I possess both the academic qualifications and practical working experience to help you apply worthwhile and useful, but easy to follow steps to make the communication process both positive and healthy. For example, I am an Electronic Engineering graduate of Spencerian College, with certifications from ASTD (Blended Learning), and Langevin (Curriculum Design). Experience-wise, I have had fifteen years of experience communicating the values of highly effective communication in both friendly and confrontational environments. My background merges the technical aspects of adult learning with elevated soft skills. Previously, I trained customer service and sales in a budding telecommunications industry. Prices rose, equipment became more complex, software advanced yet the human success factors never changed. In fact, the variables involved in human interaction haven’t changed in my 41 years on this planet. What you discuss has continued to evolve (bag phone versus an iPhone) but the importance of how you say what you say has been steady and unchanging. The cultivation of these communication skills have been a part of my journey and sharing them is my lifes purpose.

I am the author of Communicating to Grow, a 30 page book written to minimize your investment of time and maximize exposure to healthy communication thought processes. The book is short, the effects are long, and the return on investment is priceless. Its aim is to make known universal ways to improve how you transfer and receive information. This positively impacts professional or personal situations. I have seen abilities to relay information drastically changed by applying some of these simple instructions.

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