Success leaves clues

Over 30 years ago, I recall walking down the hallway of our home. I noticed my mother and brother having what appeared to by an unpleasant disagreement. Foregoing the peace that comes from knowing I hopped in the conversation and helped resolve the conflict. It wasn’t that I was a negotiating guru, truth be told, I couldn’t spell negotiator at that age. I was able to solve the conflict because I love them both very deeply, which granted me the level of empathy needed in that situation. I was able to translate what they wanted to say into how the other person needed to hear it. Also, it helped that mom wasn’t displeased with me…I was a momma’s boy for sure. An early learning for me was that the more comfortable you feel, the easier it is to talk. Nevertheless, since that day it has been a growing passion to develop and use positive communication to stimulate understanding and/or change.

So, have you ever wondered if you or your team communicates to the full potential of your organization? I have a free survey to help uncover some areas of opportunity.

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Conversation Comfort survey

One of my favorite ways to look at empathy is captured in the phrase “Walking a mile in someone else’s shows”. If that is true, you must first find the persons shoe. The following questions can lend insight into some possible areas for improvement.


  1. When you send an email that you believe should be easy to answer, does it take significantly longer than you expect to receive a response?
  2. During meetings, is it like pulling teeth to get a response from the majority of the team?
  3. Are team members bringing peer conflicts to you instead of addressing it directly with their peer?
  4. Do peer conflicts seem to occur often and the reasons trivial?
  5. Are team members confiding issues to you but asking for it to remain confidential without taking action?
  6. Does it seem easy for conflicts or issues to erupt between team members?
  7. Are extroverted/stronger personalities hindering the production of creativity among the introverts/more mild mannered team members?
  8. Do you or members of your team often interrupt one another?
  9. Are there often situations in which certain employees quickly become confrontational?
  10. Have you been receiving reports of inappropriate discussions or he said she said behavior?
  11. Do you get the feeling that, in one-on-one or group settings people want to say more but don’t, or start to but then stop?

If the answer is yes to one or 2, you might simply need to perform some communication house keeping. 3 or more, it may be beneficial to have a free consultation.


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